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90IN09 Update




This message is quite overdue as we are practically two months into the New Year already. Last year was an amazing year in my life and at points was a whirlwind while at other times seemed to drag on and on. I’m a different guy today than I was this time last year though to say the least, even though I never officially lost the whole ninety pounds I’d set out to, I feel like a new man after the eighty four that I did end up losing, and this is really just the beginning for me, living in this new way for what I hope will be the rest of my life. Before I completely put last year to rest though, I wanted to thank the Lord for His faithfulness in my life and for His blessing over the last year which has often shown up in the form of some really great people who I’d like to once again express my thanks.

First of all, a BIG thank you to KLOVE for coming along side me during my journey to make all of this a reality. Not only were you there to keep everyone informed on my progress but because of you I felt more love and encouragement than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you for your constant support and your belief in me during this process. I couldn’t have and wouldn’t have wanted to do this without all of you. So THANK YOU!

Kellyn Bailey, Krystal Jenkins, and all my friends at Word Entertainment, thanks for setting this whole thing up and seeing it through to the end. Thanks for your encouragement and help with the blogs. Lord knows I’m not a “natural blogger” and you all kept me going even when it was like pulling taffy to get one from me. Also, an additional thanks for the online support from the Word New Media team and my friends at Hear It First.

Dr. Asa Andrew and the awesome staff at the Center for Natural Medicine here in Nashville, TN, thank you all so much for your hours upon hours of time, many resources, and encouraging attitudes. Doc, I fully believe that you all saved my life this year and I’ll always be grateful and won’t ever forget what you have poured into me. You continue to be a hero of mine for sure. Blessings on your clinic, and the radio program, and last but not least both of you newlyweds as well!

In as much as this was a physical battle, I believe some of the most significant life change happened sitting in a little room at Fellowship Bible Church going thru an amazing program called Journey to Freedom. That title is so appropriate and I want to say thanks to my friend and brother Scott Reall for walking into some parts of my life with me that I’d rarely and in some cases never even been willing to visit. Thanks to you and your partners in crime at Restore Ministries, now I realize that if change is going to be permanent it has to begin from within. And God has started a work in my life this year on the inside of me that I pray I never recover from. Another big thank you goes out to your son Scottie Reall who helped me get started in the gym, and was then stolen away from me by Coach Nick Saban, I’ve been cheering you guys on man, Roll Tide!

Extra huge thanks go out to my new friend and trainer, Mikey Oaks and all of my friends at the Mt. Juliet YMCA. We moved nearby last fall and when I first started coming into the Y there, I was frustrated to the point of nearly giving up, but God used you guys to breathe new life into the journey. Now hitting the gym is something that happens almost once everyday instead of almost once every six months. I look forward to the future and this new life there in which you guys play a bigger part than you could even realize!

I could never have stayed the course this year without the love and support of my wife Kandice, and our boys Eli and Zeke, my mom and dad, my brother Jay (and fam Emily, Kenzie and Maddie), and my brothers from other mothers the rest of the boys in and around Big Daddy Weave: Joe, Jerm, Jeff, B, Jim Scherer and Jake. You all were there in the hardest times of this and have seen me at my ugliest (and that statement has nothing to do with the way I look) I love you all.

And last but definitely not least I want to thank every person who either joined in with me or was following the progress and rooting for me throughout the 90 in 09 campaign. I have been blown away by your encouragement this year. It was so cool meeting many of you on the road – those of you who joined me and met their goal, and those still in the process-like me. This also goes out to those folks who’ve been contemplating some life change, let this be the year! This is far from over for me and I’d love to personally invite you to join in the adventure. It’s not easy but it’s worth it! God bless you all!