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Who are some artists you listen to?
Sting, Bruce Hornsby, John Mayer, Bonnie Raitt, Marc Cohen

Favorite instrument you play during your shows:
Simpson guitar. It’s special to me because Jason Simpson made it. I own some of the first ones he ever made - numbers 5 and 11. I love both of them and enjoy playing them.

What do you do for fun while you're on tour?
Racquetball when we can find it. But, an ideal day would involve chilling at the hotel with great wifi surfing on iTunes and catching up with friends by texting or chatting online.

Who are your musical influences?
Sting, Bruce Hornsby, John Mayer, Bonnie Raitt, Marc Cohen. I’m a big fan of people who are great players and songwriters.

Racquetball. I’m decent for a “big daddy” but what I lack in skill, I make up in raw passion. Apple computers. If you see me, I’ll either be on my iPhone or Mac Book. Those are the staple things that I always have to have with me. My greatest new thing is learning how to be a better dad. I love hanging out with my little boys and learning about what they like.

Favorite Books:
Harry Potters, Lord of the Rings, anything with something that will keep you in the story. Currently reading Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson and really enjoying it.

Favorite Movies:
Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars trilogy. Epic movies. Lots of movies that really wouldn’t be real. Imagination movies. I’m a big movie fan.

Favorite Foods:
All time favorite is Sushi from Dharma Blue in Pensacola. Peanut M&Ms. Other than that, Big Daddies aren’t picky. That’s how we have gotten to be Big Daddies.

One of your favorite Bible verses:
Proverbs 3:5-6 is my life verse and I am telling you - Trust the Lord with all your heart, don’t lean on your own understanding . . . I think that part needs to be underlined. In All Your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. I think it takes all the emphasis off us and puts it on the Lord. It’s not about us understanding what is coming in life and it’s not about us having it together. It’s about us putting our trust in the Lord, and He will make our paths straight.

What song do you most like performing?
I never get tired of playing “Neighborhoods.” When we revamped it with Jonathan Chu, I just loved playing it.

Favorite songs:
If I Ever Lose My Faith in You, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by the Police

Yes, Kandice for three years

2 little boys - Elijah Kelly, Ezekiel Turner


Where have you lived?
Pensacola, FL for most of my life, transplant to Nashville, TN for about four years now.

What are you most known for saying?
Dude, Man are my go-to words. “You know what I’m saying” is the phrase. I’ve tried to stop saying “dude” or “man” but I was rendered speechless until I stopped trying not to say those words.

People who have made an impact on your life:
So many people…There are three guys, though, that remind me of the Lord more than anyone I know and who I would really want to model my life after. One is my dad, Russ Weaver. He has been a living example of the love of Jesus in my life. And he has been a constant support…both of my parents have been like that, but I really want to be like my dad. Second is my Pastor, Jay Stewart out of Concord, NC – the Refuge, the church I belong to long-distance. I see Jesus in him and he has walked with me through so many things - the darkest and ugliest parts of my life. He has been with me and prayed with me. He has allowed God’s light to be brought into those areas of my life. I’ve seen victory and learned more in my walk with the Lord, walking also with him in my life. And the third one is Jim Scherer, my manager, who by his example, I’m constantly convicted about things in my life. I see the way he cares about people and I see the way he treats people. These are some amazing guys.

When and what event was your first public performance as a musician?
7-8 years old at my Grandma’s church, Jay and I sang a little kids duet from a song we learned at Vacation Bible School.

Favorite actors:
Liam Neeson, Christian Bale from the new Batman, Ian McKellen from Lord of the Rings, Harrison Ford from Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies

Favorite television shows:
Supernatural on the CW

Favorite video games:
Lego Star Wars, Wii Sports