Happy Father's Day

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Father's day has been a special day in my life for as long as I can remember. That’s mainly because I have a really great Dad. My Dad, Russ, has been there for me in every season of my life thus far. He's been a teacher when I needed to know things, an awesome support, and encourager when I needed that. He continues to be a wonderful friend.

The most significant thing that he ever shared with my brother and I was that his prayer for us as his kids, even more than learning to be independent, was that we'd learn to be completely dependent upon Jesus. He introduced us to our real Father by living out in front of us what a relationship with God looked like. I remember on more than one Saturday following another long week at work for Dad, it was not uncommon for us to ask our mom where Dad had disappeared to. We came to find out that he was in his closet, on his knees engaged in times of deep prayer for us. I believe those seasons of prayer continue to affect my life even today. You might say, “Well Mike that's not my story.” I didn't have a Dad like him in my life. Neither did he. My Dad's father passed away when he was only three years old.

Our Father God is the greatest Father in the world. I'm so thankful for Him this Father's day. I'm so thankful for the Dad that he blessed me with. I want Him to make me that kind of Daddy for my three little ones! If you're reading this today and have a sense of longing because you don't have a Dad to celebrate on this Father's day, please do not despair! Our Heavenly Father is a father to the fatherless! He longs to reveal the reality of His love for you. You don't need a magic formula or special words to approach Him. All you need is the realization that Jesus has made a way for you to have a relationship with the Father by giving His life for you. Then, honestly from your heart, tell God you want to know Him. Share with Him the things that are hurting you or have hurt you in the past. Ask Him to help you and tell Him that you need Him! Ask Him to come and fill that empty place in your life. You will be amazed what transpires when you approach Him in faith! It will redefine Father's Day for you! I love you with the love of Jesus Christ!

Happy Father's Day
– Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave


Mike My fathers name is also Russ., He left when I was 5 we never saw or heard from him again, I learned quickly that The Lord is my true Father. My mother re-married when I was 13 My step father did his best to be my father, but God has been the biggest influence in my life. My step father died unexpectedly last December 5th, then My mother passed away 2 months later on Feb 11th, It has been difficult for me to take in. With friends prayers and blessings from God, I am getting back to normal. We saw you preform at Harmony by the Bay in My home town Menominee MI. Your music is inspirational, God has blessed you, Thanks for coming to Menominee, It lifted my spirit which has been low lately. I hope we see you again... God Bless You!

Hey, Mike, Jay, Jeremy, Joe & Jeff, Happy Fathers Day to you all, mine & Gene's dad died when he was only 50, we lost the Golden years with him but with what our Heavenly Father the Lord Jesus Christ gives us with eternal everlasting life we will truely enjoy our "Fathers Day" when it really arives in Glory.
Ya'll take good care and I really hope to see you soon. I am spreading the word to get you here somehow and bring joy to the way brothers I LOVE the new album it is incredibly written!!
Your other sis, D B, Saco, Maine

That is awesome Mike. So many men do not have that relationship with their dads. The Lord, that loves me so, has given me a Spiritual Father that has been so good to me, even at my age. He does replenish that which the enemy steals. God bless all the fathers, that are true fathers to their children. And to those that are not, Lord, touch their heart and show them to live the love and life that only You can provide. Praise God!

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