Redeemed Tour Begins in Two Weeks!

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We’re excited that our Redeemed Tour kicks off in less than two weeks! You can find where the shows will be at

I think this tour is appropriately named, for sure. I’ve been blown away by how people have been responding to this song! It really resonates with what God has been doing in my life personally and with what we’ve been seeing God accomplish night after night on the road with Big Daddy Weave. I think when we’re willing to share our own personal hurts and brokenness, God brings down some walls in others who may have previously been afraid to bring those kinds of things into the light. I know this first hand, and thank God there’s freedom beyond our baggage! So excited to take this across our country with Aaron Shust. Really looking forward to what God has in store!

In anticipation for our upcoming adventure, we're going to be rolling out a Facebook Milestone Series that archives where we were when the band formed in 1998 to how far we've come since then as musicians, husbands and fathers, and followers of Christ. The Milestones are going to be full of interesting little bits of band trivia- consider it your Big Daddy Weave history lesson!- so check our facebook fan page every day to learn something new!

- Mike

Redeemed Tour Begins in Two Weeks!

Come back to Texas again. I missed the 28th show.

when i heard Redeemed i new that would be the song i wanted to use for my presentation on the Hadassah's House of Hope. the Lord has put this Project for Women
that are coming out of jail in my heart. and Redeemed is just what these women will be. Redeemed and Loved by our Lord. thank you for letting God use you.

A friend posted the Redeemed video on my page and I sat and listened to the song I have heard many times on KLOVE, but this time I really listened to the words. I wanted you guys to know that the Lord used you and your talents to reach me today. Mike, I have had trouble accepting myself too and your song has touched me deeply. The Holy spirit came upon me and I realized who I am in Christ at that moment. I know now that no matter how I am feeling or seeing myself, He sees me washed clean by the blood and I am Redeemed always. Thank you for sharing your heart and I pray the Lord continues to bless your ministry.

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