South Louisiana

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Please come to South Louisiana. Your songs are so inspirational. You are mine and my daughters' absolute favorite artist. Your music makes me want to take a closer look at my walk with God. Please come here and bless us with your songs.


My husband and I work with the local prison ministry and many of the men love your music and REDEEMED being one of their favorites......a song they can relate to. Any chance you could stop by and see them and maybe sing one song when your in Shelby, NC next month........we are only 30 minutes away. The guys would be beside themselves. If you think this is a possibility, pls respond to this comment. God Bless You all! Lisa K.

ok Mike, you have a LOT of fans out west, but you never tour west of texas:( and i'm one of your biggest fans, soooo, plz come out here, at least to southern Oregon?:) love you guys!!!!

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