Christmas In August?

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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out the site. We’ve been busy finishing our Christmas record, due out in September of this year. This past week we did a photo shoot for the new CD. Which I must say a fat dude never enjoys something that points out his constant need to lose more weight. Ouch! But, this one was even more interesting wearing winter type coats late July in Nashville. Woo wee, it was a hot one! The Lord gave us a little extra measure of grace though and we made through. A special thanks to everyone at our record label and management company who put up with us and helped us get through it. Those guys are awesome! Thanks also to all the people who have been coming out to our shows so far this summer. It’s been awesome. See ya soon.

Blessings, Jay Dawg


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I just wanted to say thanks for coming and to Mike for your 90 in 09 commitment. I joined the diet in July..
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I love the holidays and christmas especially i just dont understand how can people have artificial christmas trees when a real tree in the home is just so amazing and nice. Without one i just dont think the holidays would ever be the same.

It is a great news for the Christian. All the Christian wait for Christmas day. Thanks for inviting.


You people arrange nice show. I always enjoy them. And try to join all of your show. I am very pleased to you.


You are a really good band. Well, i play guitar and i wanna to play more musics of you than that are in downloads section. Like What I Was Made For, Just the Way I Am.... Thank You

Just wanted to say "THANKS! FOR COMING TO ALASKA.!!! I was at your concert last night and was really touched by the worship. It had been a long week and I was soooo tired all I wanted to do was go home and veg out. But we had tickets so I went expecting just another rock (boring) concert. Man - O - Man was it a great surprise to be in an inspiring worship service. The exhaustion disappeared and a spirit of joy filled my heart. What a trade!

Anyway I wanted to say hi but the line was so long to get autographs that I had to leave. I just wanted to say thanks for coming and to Mike for your 90 in 09 commitment. I joined the diet in July. So far I've lost 45 pounds. It hasn't been easy but I am hanging in there for the duration.

I hope you had more than just a couple of days to see Alaska. It could take you a lifetime to see all of it. God bless you all and thanks again.

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  • We are super excited to watch our Auburn Tigers play in the BCS National Championship game tonight. War Eagle!...
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