Mike Discusses What's Behind "Redeemed"

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Mike Weaver, Big Daddy Weave's lead singer and guitarist, recently sat down with Lifeway to talk about the band's hit single, "Redeemed." Mike discusses his past self-deprecation that led to him writing the song, as well as how the song brings hope to him today. In regard to "Redeemed," he exclaims, "Only Jesus can take the stuff that you hate about yourself, and use that to reach people."

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Thank you for the Redeemed song. You wrote the story of my life. God healed me from the devastating effects of childhood abuse, depression, anxiety, and even multiple personalities. Your song describes that life. My life was rift with shackles that bound me to the the effects of abuse. I was literally a "crazy person" walking around with the ghosts of multiple personalities. For over 40 years I was wondering how long the craziness was going to last.
But then God redeemed me out of this craziness, HE shook off my heavy chains, He wiped away all the stains of abuse,and now I am not the crazy person I used to be....BECAUSE I'VE BEEN REDEEMED!!! Thank God redeemed!!!!
Thank you once again, for writing this song that expresses my journey of healing. May God richly bless you for being obedient.

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